How to hire a sales rep. There’s been a lot of thought that’s going into what personality type in one of those character traits that are significant for a qualified and excellent sales rep.
Many studies have been done and have suggested that depending on the type of sale, you may want to consider the type of personality that you’re putting into that position.
For example technical sales usually require somebody with a higher aptitude for detail.
They are not necessarily gregarious. Usually it makes sense to pick a person that my nature is slightly more aggressive than the audience they are selling too.
An old rule of thumb is to address slightly better than the best dressed customer that you’ll meet that day. Personality works similarly.
But overall, what are you looking for in the perfect sales candidate? Do you want them to be driven? What about two driven?
If the sales rep is to driven, they can turn their aggression inward towards the organization and cause problems.
If the candidate is to gregarious and outgoing, he or she may lack the organizational skills necessary in order to pull off the job well.
So, a friend of mine actually resorted to trying to find out one key character trait that expresses the type of person who will do well selling in almost any area.
Once I tell you this little known fact, you may be slightly surprised or blown out of your socks.
But the truth is it’s been proven over and over.
The problem is is that this information is so politically incorrect, it’s sometimes hard to discover or even get out.
The truth of the matter is that you might have a really tough time finding out this information in just a minute you’ll understand why.
Research has shown that the best sales reps typically have a high sex drive.
Yep, you heard me right. They wanted all the time.
So you can imagine how this goes over in an interview. Hey do you like to have sex? Enraged your candidate sues you for sexual harassment during an interview.
So yeah, you can’t just come out and asked that. How do you do it? It’s kind of simple.
You meet your candidate after hours at a restaurant. During the discourse and casual conversation you ask and probe into what makes them tick.
You ask them what they get excited about and what they love to do.
If they answer in anyway that suggest they like to spend time with the opposite sex, you got your answer bingo.
Fire them and hire them fast.
It’s always worked for me.

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