Out with Mind Clutter, In with Organization in Business

One of the best ways that I found to get organized with my office work was to do the following:

I created a notebook. I went down to the local Staples or Office Depot and I look for a specific type of notebook. It was called a record book.


The problem that I was having was simply that I was getting all kinds of tasks and I never knew how to really keep track of the Tasks well.

Electronic task management is great, however, you have to use it. You have to be absolutely committed to entering all of the information into a date and time. This enables you to go back and make sure that you’re completing your tasks.

The problem that I found using electronic task management was simply that if I did not stay on top of it or if I enabled the snooze, I would end up with tons of tasks that I never circled back to accomplishing.

The other problem that I had was that a couple of times I had a computer glitch and it erased everything. This was horrendous. I remember talking to everybody that I came in contact with in apologizing to them first. Thank you again to www.aclsorlando.org for their understanding.

I apologized simply because I didn’t know whether or not I stood them up or did not follow through on a task that they gave me.  I allowed my electronics reminders records to basically control everything that I was doing.

I was like a ship without a rudder once I lost it. That is why I went back to the good old fashion write everything down methodology.

Drowning in Sticky Notes

The problem with sticky notes is that they end up all over the place. Sticky notes are great, but you have to learn how to use them well. If you’re not disciplined you’ll end up with sticky notes literally posted all of your desk your computer and other things.

That is why I decided to eliminate the use of sticky notes in my daily life. I mean I use them on specific occasions when they are to notate something that is an update or something to a project that I’m using. However, I no longer use sticky notes to report anything that I am supposed to do

My to do list is now in one centralized location. As I was mentioning before this particular note book called the record book allows you to write in the left-hand margin of the page.


I simply write the topic and then the date on the left-hand side and then I use the regular ledger for any notes/comments or anything else that would be important pertaining to that particular subject.

Any aspects of the task that are absolutely essential I also put an asterisk next to it. When I’ve completed the task I go back and I line through it with a green highlighter letting me know that I am green to go beyond this task because it is complete.

When it comes to the individual tasks I highlight them with a pink highlighter as I go down my list once they are accomplished.

Again once the task overall is completely done and the project has been finalized, then I line through it with the green highlighter.

This enables me to flip through the pages very quickly and identify which projects I have not completed. They simply will not have a green highlighter Mark through them.

This has really simplified my task management and made it simple to identify what things I need to do. It is super great when I finally finish all of the pages up to a certain point that I can draw a line across that page indicating that all tasks up to that point are completely done.

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